Child Custody And Visitation Arrangements

Child Custody And Visitation Arrangements

In Oklahoma, the court awards child custody according to the mental, moral, and physical welfare of the child. Each parent is awarded visitation rights through the cases. However, a parent that is deemed a risk to the child receives supervised visitation or is denied visitation altogether. A local lawyer explains the requirements outlined in child custody and visitation arrangements.

Types of Custody

The type of child custody awarded determines who makes decisions about the child. Joint custody gives both parents the right to make decisions. Sole custody provides one parent all rights to make decisions. Typically, the agreement defines where the child lives, who pays child support, and where the child attends school.

What Standard Guidelines Apply to Visitation?

The visitation order identifies when the noncustodial parent picks up and drops off the child. It outlines what days during the week and weekends in which the noncustodial parent can visit with the child. All arrangements for holidays, summer vacations, and birthdays are outlined in the visitation arrangements.

Are Visitation Rights for Grandparents Defined in the Custody Arrangements?

Typically, each parent is responsible for providing the grandparents with child visitation. However, in cases in which a parent dies, the surviving parent must provide visitation based on the arrangements set up. If the grandparents pose any risk to the child, the court can deny access to the child.

Advance Notice of Visitation Changes

Each parent must provide advance notice whenever they are unable to pick up the child for visitation. Typically, the arrangements provide a 24-hour period to notify the other parent of the changes. The same stipulations apply to any sudden changes that could prevent the noncustodial parent from picking up the child for visitation. Additionally, either spouse must notify each other whenever an emergency related to the child occurs.

In Oklahoma, child custody and visitation are defined by a judge if the parents cannot reach an agreement on their own. The court ordered child custody and visitation arrangements must be followed as outlined. Any deviations could lead to penalties for a violation of a court order. Parents who need more information about applicable laws or their rights can visit for more information now.